There has been lot of debates on this issue, how should one explore an issue?

Here I shall share you few of my experiences, which helped me a lot in achieving certain goals. I always believed in few things:

  1. Studio/ class is a laboratory, discoveries and inventions are bound to happen in every session, just believe  and realize
  2. Never get trapped in intrinsic details, though they are interesting and fascinating.
  3. Never fall in love with the end results, that would hinder your ability to explore alternatives.
  4. Be self motivated and self driven, any day your passion is “The Driving Force” for any work...
These are four important and basic principles I would always suggest;
6/22/2011 07:30:48

Very happy to see you grow!
Best wishes..

Shravan Kumar N
7/5/2011 16:47:45

Thanks a lot mam...
You have been our inspiration all the time...

8/5/2011 02:12:42

I wish every student realises this....


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