Are we leaving “for Survival” or “for Satisfaction”?

At this juncture of Globalization, still the instincts of Modernization are haunting us. We see every system is working in the lines of efficiency and productivity, and majority of concerns are Utility oriented. Thus I raise the concerns for “Value assessment”, are we really living for values and satisfactions? Is everyone happy with the way the society is heading on the name of development? Is our education system worth enough to support our future generations?
In today’s society we are very much carried away by the mass production and bulk demands, right from the students of Engineering to the Out sourcing jobs, we are aiming at things that support our survival for “Some more time”. Schools and institutions have become factories to support the demands of “Present opportunities”. Is there a balanced development in the diverse sectors of the society? Very soon we fall in crisis of research in varied fields (arts, crafts, culture, history…etc). Human values will soon be discovered, dislocated from the core.

Here I shall present my Personal experiences, which made my thoughts more vivid and bold. My father being employ of SBH, I got chance to travel many parts of the country (India), apex to nadir, I have seen people with many cultures and languages. In due course of my education, I got chance to travel international (Country like Vietnam to Japan). Today I got opportunity to work in a developed country “South Korea”.

In most of the developed countries, on the name of development, they aim to build strong financial establishments, but they are losing their social values. Strength of married life lasts for very short duration, generation gap is increasing – and overall population graph is declining. There is a tremendous migration from rural to urban, resulting decline in traditional and cultural practices.

Parents cultivate their children in farmhouses (hostels/ playschools), because women can’t give up her personal interests. Men/ women prefer professional to personal life. Connection among the generations has become very much volatile. Right from the very definition of “Developed Country”, everything seems immaterial in social context.

Are we heading to transform India to such developed nation? Are we paying any special attention to protect the social values? Do we have any such symptoms?

“ Every NEWS speaks about 80 % of pollution in the system. Right from the politics to bureaucrats and agriculture to education.” The common denominator for all these pollutions is misinterpretation of the word “Satisfaction”

The word “Society” is evolved to accommodate every sector of the system – a rich and a poor, an elder and an younger, male and female… majority of this society is growing towards dissatisfaction, someone because of mismatched interests at work and someone because of exhausting pressures. Where is this hidden Satisfaction? From where/when should one try to inculcate this in his/her life? With time we learned to accept the inconvenience in the society.

Majority of people in the society lack vision and ambitions, our goals are polluted by media. Our ambitions are tampered by “desperate urge for money”. Thus we keep aiming for things which are very much superfluous, neglecting the satisfactions of life. I shall recollect the statement – “Are we leaving for Survival or for Satisfaction?”, we should adhere by the responsibility of building up a society, where values are more important than shear utility.

Society requires every individual to contribute for the betterment and healthy growth. We should strive hard in building up a sustainable and self-generative system, which acknowledges associations and values more than profits.

[1] Utility  : refer to Profit Loss statement- and mechanical judgment of a decision.

[2] Value  : refers to intangible associations and respects that we share with a system

[3] They   : Developed nations across the world

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